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Author Profile -- Barbara Williams

BORN: Salt Lake City, Utah--before the dinosaurs

PARENTS: Walter Wright (lawyer) Emily Jeremy Wright (homemaker)

SPOUSE: J.D. Williams--professor emeritus and unsuccessful politician

EDUCATION: B.A. and M.A., U of U--also l year of graduate study at Boston University

PLACES LIVED: Salt Lake, Washington, D.C., Cambridge, MA

POSITIONS HELD: cashier, clerk-typist, doctor's assistant, personnel assistant, handkerchief salesperson, college English teacher (my favorite job, but I was laid off when Ph.D.'s became over abundant--sob!)

HOBBIES: travel (which I can no longer afford); cooing at babies (strangers' or my own grandchildren's)

PHOBIAS: water, heights

IRRITATIONS: bad grammar, temperamental computers

MOST RECENT TITLE: "World War II--Pacific," Lerner, 2005

NEXT TITLE: "Albert's Gift for Grandmother," Candlewick, 2006

MOST SUCCESSFUL TITLE (more than 1 million): "Titanic Crossing," Dial, 1995; Scholastic, 1997 


Profile of children's author-- Barbara Williams


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