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Author Profile -- Carol Lynch Williams

BORN: Lincoln, Nebraska

PARENTS: Anne Yelvington Lynch, English professor, retired Richard Thomas Lynch, retired Air Force, now works in Washington, DC


EDUCATION: Lots and lots of classes that amount to nothing except some fun times, as well as classes in the School of Hard Rock (hence my band's name and the few bruises and swelling around the eyes), a Master's degree in Motherology to Girls, an Associate's degree in Arguing with Children, and Senior Master's degree in Bossing People Around and various other degrees that I don't want to mention for fear I May Intimidate Others.

PLACES LIVED: England, Nebraska, North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Utah (not in this order)

A house that is always clean, where meals are prepared for me so the girls and I can do whatever I want. Also, in this place I can rollerblade and my neck never hurts. And I don't gain weight. And my breath always smells great and . . .

McDonald's employee (awful-est job), solicitor (selling products to clean one's hair) (second awful-est job), Avon representative (second awful-est job, too), interpreter for the Deaf(terrific job), aluminum can picker-upper (hot job-lots of ants), Borden's Ice cream packer (all the free ice cream, milk and gum a person could want), house cleaner for the rich (quite a funny job--just what is a Janny-mop and how could one family own so many cats?), Palm Reader (insightful job), Phone answerer for the DMV in Florida (had to give up my Soap, General Hospital, for that job), taught once at BYU until they found out I don't have a degree in anything they value (quite fun) 

HOBBIES: wandering around worrying, talking to other writers, wishing I were rich, eating, going out to eat, having people cook things for me to eat, eating what people have cooked for me to eat (this list can go on and on, so I am just stopping here, to save space--or face, not sure which)

PHOBIAS: You name it, I've probably been afraid of it or know why *you* should be afraid of it. If I'm lucky, it'll end up in a novel.

RECENT BOOKS: A Mother to Embarrass Me (Delacorte)

PUBLISH WITH: Looking for anyone to publish me, please

a variety of workshops for children 5th grade and up. I am not good at mass-baby sitting, but the kids always have a good time (I have references--please see Other Jobs Held above)

lots of pictures, lots of misspelled words, and one of these days there's going to be lots more stuff on there, too


Profile of children's author-- Carol Lynch Williams


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